Our AI Chat and Image models are not censored. Paid users can have completely uncensored anomyous conversations with Bots. However, explicit chat and images are filtered for Free users and users that are under 18
    No. We do not share your email or name with anyone. We do not sell your data. We do not use your data for any purpose other than to provide you with the service you are paying for. Your "Community Name" is shared with other users. You can change your "Community Name" at any time on the profile page.
    Make sure that your requests are very specific. For example "send me a selfie of you wearing a black dress walking on a breach." The image models are trained on public data. While they are not censored then may not be trained on the type of images you are requesting. We are constantly updating the models so keep trying.
    Review your the Scenario field. Add more detail and make sure you use the 3rd person. For example:a "You like chocolate ice cream, bike riding, and video games. You live in Salt Lake City. You work as a icecream scooper at a HagenDaz store. You ...."
    Choose "Reset and Forget Everything" from the menu. This will reset your AI bot and start a new conversation.
    Yes. Create your own bots from the main menu. You can also make your bots public so others can chat with them