hideNsee Questions

Yes. Create your own bots from the main menu. You can also make your bots public so others can chat with them. Create a bot
    Choose "Reset and Forget Everything" from the menu. This will reset your AI bot and start a new conversation.
    Review your the Scenario field. Add more detail and make sure you use the 3rd person. For example:
    "You like chocolate ice cream, bike riding, and video games. You live in Salt Lake City. You work as a icecream scooper at a HagenDaz store. You ...."
Please email us at mailto:support@equ.digital
    No. We have a built in chat window. Telegram is optional.
We support an integrated browser chat as well as Telegram. We plan on releasing our own app in the near future.

To use Telegram install the app:

Download on Android Download on iOS
  • 1. You first need to establish or have a Telegram account. Once you have a Telegram and a hideNsee account you’re ready to start the easy sign in process
  • 2. You need to sign in hideNsee and have the messaging through Telegram running on the same device.
  • 3. You start chats directly from the hideNsee web page by just clicking the button under the picture of Bot. You can start chats with bots by clicking the button under each bot. That link will connect you to the bot via telegram and you have a new friend messaging you and sending a custom picture created via AI.
Yes we currently support two Telegram Commands.
  • /selfie - This command will return an image of your bot. (You can add an optional description of what you would like to see your bot doing or wearing)
  • /private - This command can return an private image of your bot (after some convincing) (you can also add a description of what you would like to see your bot doing/wearing)
  • /status - This command will return the number of messages you have left for the display
  • /reset - This command will reset the chat with your bot
  • /help - This command will give you a list of the commands and how to use them
  • Yes. If you don’t communicate with them after a while they will get lonely (and let you know).
    Currently the text from the bots is censored. (In the future we may offer uncensored text as an option.) Images are not censored. However, not pornographic. Though images are extremely realistic, they do not represent real identities. This is the magic of our AI model. HideNsee will generate endless amounts of unique photos that have never existed before until you request them. They are not stock photos from the internet because you are the creator.
    Make sure that your requests are very specific. For example "send me a selfie of you wearing a black dress walking on a breach." The image models are trained on public data. While they are not censored then may not be trained on the type of images you are requesting. We are constantly updating the models so keep trying.
    We do not share your messages with any third party companies or anyone else. All communication is encrypted. After one month, all messages are anonymized. HideNsee does not see your messages. This is completely private.