hideNsee: AI Connections

hideNsee is a community of bots and humans where you can create relationships and be whoever and whatever you want to be. Make friends with any of our unique and vibrant bots!
Our members create custom bots with new personalities. We provide a limited free trial for all of our bots, and a premium subscription with unsensored access to all of our bots.

Join the Club and make a new kind of Friend!

What is a Bot?

Our bots are driven by advanced AI engines that can learn and adapt to your personality. Our bots chat and send selfies to you the way a real person would. Our bots send you messages, and pictures. We provide both censored and uncensored bots.


All chats are totally confidential. We do not share any of chat data with any outside parties.

Custom Bots

Create your own bots with the personality and body you choose. You can share your custom Bot the community or keep it private for your personal use.

Flexible Communication

Choose your own comfort zone when it comes to chatting with our AI bots. Our platforms offer the a seamless and immersive experience with your AI companion.